Storm damage clean-up weekend

It’s Saturday afternoon on 19 November and our work party is officially washed-out for the day. The main aim for this weekend was to clear out all the damaged timber from the storms that hit Mt Buller last winter. Leading the team on chainsaws were john S and Marshall, with Johnny B, David S, Chris B and Mike M dragging all the dead wood and branches away from the lodge. This has now become an annual event to ensure the lodge is bushfire safe before the coming summer. Cate, Nicky and Erica also helped out with the clearing around the lodge as well as sorting out general lodge supplies in anticipation of the renovation clearout in a few weeks time. Clarkie’s been sorting out the blocked vacuum system (so there’s a good chance it’ll never work again) and with a support team of four others, has been able to remove some of the fluff build up which was causing all the grief.

The plan for Sunday is to continue felling the broken branches and rid the lodge of the petrified marsupials who seem to have perished from hunger since the lodge has been un-occupied over the last few weeks.

Great news on the renovations front!

Word has it that we now have plans in place for the renovation of the bathrooms at the lodge. “Well overdue” you might well say! Even better news is that based on such a good winter season this year (well done members and guests for using the lodge so much over winter) and our terrific history with the bank, we may even get support for the funds to carry out the work this summer.